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Art Students League of the West Indies is an affiliation of 58 Gallery. It is an Artist Colony located on the boarder of St. Mary and Portland Jamaica. Similar to Jersey City, Artists are Welcome from all over the World. It is absolutely Beautiful and there is nothing like it.

An old chocolate farm with three small cottages, a magnificent waterfall, a pool and artisan spring where you can drink the water right from the mountain. There is no electricity and a short set of regulations: No hard drugs, heavy alcohol consumption or chain smoking cigarette smokers. Sprits in moderation, social tobacco smoking and herbal remedies are allowed. In the truest sense, it is a place to relax under a palm tree with a glass of pineapple juice gazing over the sea.

The 10 acre enclave is home to a bird and wildlife sanctuary, completely unspoiled where Nature is the way. If you are looking for a safe Jamaican Paradise without all the resort trappings and costs, you may have just found it. This is Loveland.

You are invited to share in the benefits of our Growing Nature Retreat, Organic Farm and Alternative Teaching Center, nestled in the foot hills of the Blue Mountains of Jamaica, West Indies. Home to a Developing Healing Arts Center, we are only 2,000 feet from the Carribean Sea. Along side a Running River, it is Safe, Secure and Private.

We grow almost every Tropical Fruit, Vegetable and Herb imaginable. We are Registered with Environmental Groups and Agencies Worldwide as a Bird and Wildlife Sanctuary. Applicants should be in Good Health, handy and resourceful with Common Sense Understanding of Nature. You name it: Honey, Macedonian Nuts, Mango, Papayas, Pineapple, Lemons, Limes. Bananas, Sour Scop, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Oranges, Cocoa, Vanilla, etc. Pick Your own cottage and camp sites available.

It is Jamaica, Naturally.  27 Bird Species found nowhere else on Earth. Bike, Hike, River, Beach, Nature Walks, Hot Mineral Baths, Artesian Springs, Organic Foods, Tropical Fruits and More.

The People here are Friendly. Loving and Welcoming. They are proud of their Land and Heritage and interaction with them is Important. Whether it is Rafting, Swimming, Basket Weaving, etc. We Strive to make this Interaction Educational and Informative, but most of all, Fun.  We join the locals for day excursions, daily activities and a Feast of Local Cuisine.

Milk River:
One of the many attractions of the Island in the Sun, is the Milk River. It is a Spring with a Salty, Running Water. If you Bathe in it, cuts and wounds shall be healed. After one Bath, you will feel extremely Well and Strong. It is Naturally Healing when soaking in this Amazing  Stream. Pouring from the Rocks. Today, it is approximately 345 acres for the benefit of human kind. There are various Mineral Baths to choose from , a matrons quarters and a number of bedrooms and baths for accommodating guests. Today, there are 6 Public  Mineral Baths and 3 Private Baths. There is an outdoor Mineral Swimming Pool, 20 rooms available for renting and meals are served daily from a relaxing and comfortable dining room.

The Real JA:

An authentic Jamaican Experience is awaiting . A Lush Land offering Cold Coconut Milk and Ripe Bananas as opposed to an isolated experience offered by all inclusive resorts that are typical tourist destinations on this Carribean Island. See first hand the breath taking Blue Mountains and the John Crow Mountains rise up out of the Islands Interior. Gaze upon masses of Tall, Bright Green Sugar Cane stretching for miles down to the Azure Sea. Spend time in Port Antonio where Errol Flynn built an estate injecting an air of Hollywood Glamor. His widow still lives on a 3,000 acre cattle ranch near Long Bay. Here, you will find grocery stores, banks, gas stations, restaurants,, a library, and a Public Market that Bursts with Activity on Saturdays. Nearby, visit Winnifred Beach, Fairy Hill, St. Margaret Bay, Boston Bay and Robins Bay. Take a break on a Bamboo Raft flowing down the Rio Grande. Groove to Reggae and the Sound System Music Scene. Safely Experience the Villages, Rain Forest, Crystal Clear River and Caves. Call upon the Sprits and become Friends with the Herbalist and Basket Maker. Enjoy a Home Cooked Meal of Ackee & Salt Fish, johnny cakes, desirable teas or Blue Mountain Coffee. Here you will find teal waters washing up on Caribbean Beaches, a dense Jungle and some of the most beautiful rafting, hiking and caving spots in Jamaica.

One Love:

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