58 Gallery  is a community based, alternative art space serving the greater Jersey City area and its Artists.  The goal has always been to create a gathering place that not only exhibits artwork, but also acts as an incubator for ideas that will enrich everyday life. For over fiteen years, the gallery has primarily focused on the work of emerging and/or underrepresented Artists. It has operated largely through donations and the time and energy of its Director, John Besante, and the artists themselves. Even so, the quality of its programs continues to progress.

The Gallery’s public profile has flourished through word of mouth and the public press such as The New York Times which has reviewed exhibitions and the Gallery’s endeavors. Holland Carter stated, “The gallery has established close ties to the community (and) maintains an open door workshop atmosphere … the results bring art, music, theater and politics together with a fiesta like atmosphere seldom encountered in Manhattan”
(NY Times Arts and Leisure, March 13, 2005).

Gallery 58 has provided opportunities for over 500 artists to show work that has often been considered risky, experimental, and not commercially viable and outside the canon. It has been listed as one of the new and vibrant Art spaces of the Metropolitan Area. Much of its mission is to continue to present programs that draw together traditional and nontraditional Art audiences.