Welcome to 58 Gallery – Building community through art

John Besante – Director

Oil Painting Classes
Wednesdays 6:30 to 9PM
The Upstairs Art Gallery
896 Bergen Ave. Jersey City, NJ (A short walk for the Journal Square Path)

Female nude models – Live Drawing Class
Tuesdays 6:30 to 9PM – same location
$15.00 per class. This is ongoing.
Interested? Call John Besante 201 420 0202


Alien Bloom
Saturday, October 3, 2015 – reception 6:00 – 10:00PM


Alien Bloom – a collaborative installation by NYC based Georgian Artists, brother and sister, painter Eteri Chkadua and designer Gocha Chkadua. The objects are designed and hand made by Gocha Chkadua, using discarded bottles of mineral water, cooking oil, beer, yogurt, shampoo, and household cleaning products.

ALIEN BLOOM offers the post-industrial as landscape, constructed from tossed-out plastic containers collected from around a typical neighborhood. This representation of garbage is an ironic representation of the discarded.
In this installation “Lost Paradise”, all resources are marshaled, modeled, and put to use to illustrate the transformation of disposable objects, objects otherwise unnoticed crafted into an endless aesthetic exploration.
ALIEN BLOOM is a space of endless ontological celebration. It is a private “Garden of Melancholy” and an existential testing-ground for caring for “others”— cast away from humanity — the crude excrement of society transformed.
– Dato Adriadze, Professor of art and philosophy, Tbilisi State University, Georgia

Curated by the artists


Friday, June 5, 2015 – reception 6:00 – 10:00PM
Friday June 19th, 2015 – reception 6:00 – 10:00PM

June 5th – A JC Fridays Event

JCAI_ Cyberpunk.300

Hi-tech…social collapse
Curated by Jersey City Artist Initiative

Cartoonism: Volume 2
Saturday, April 11, 2015 – reception 7:00PM 



  • Tran Tuan
  • Bruno Nadalin
  • Geoff Mosher
  • James Pustorino
  • Doug Madill
  • Robert Preston
  • Gilbert Giles

Past Shows:

Green Dream Jersey City 
Friday, March 6, 2015 – reception 6:00 – 9:00PM

(click image to enlarge)

A JC Fridays event
Featuring Jersey City Student’s Frog Art
Curated by Frogs Are Green
Contact Susan Newman, info@frogsaregreen.com for more information


Cartoonism: 5 Approaches to the Comic Medium
Saturday, January 17, 2015 – reception 6:00 – 10:00PM 


Works on paper.


  • Geoff Mosher
  • James Pustorino
  • Doug Madill
  • Robert Preston
  • Gilbert Giles


Multiple Visions

Friday, December 5, 2014 – reception 6:00 – 10:00PM


A diverse exhibition of artists and their subject matter. In today’s artworld there is an ever-expanding expression of the human condition and this exhibit expounds on that.
  • Norman Alcantara
  • Mike Estabrook
  • Fred Fleisher
  • Gilbert Giles
  • Jackie Kudo
  • Scott Lawson
  • Ed Leonard
  • Chris LoPresti
  • Heidi Lorenz
  • Doug Madill
  • Laura Murray
  • Satoshi Okada
  • Laurie Riccadonna
  • Mike Schur
  • William Stamos
  • Yoichiro Yoda

Curated by 
Doug Madill


Luz Urbana

Friday, November 7 2014 – Reception 7 -10pm


  • Viviana P. Torres
  • Nathan Jalani Taylor
  • Michael Downey
  • Christopher Fabor Muhammad
  • Johnny “Soap45” Vega
  • Edual Ruiz

Curated by Viviana P. Torres


 Glimpses in Time

Saturday, October 18 6:30 – 12am
Sunday, October 19 4:00 – 9:00pm
2014 Studio Tour Event


  • Viviana P. Torres
  • Elvin Serrano
  • John Besante

Curated by Viviana P. Torres


Wild at Heart
Friday, September 5  2014 – reception 6:00 – 10:00PM


A JC Fridays event
Music By DJ Purple Stuff Kevin Spyker https://soundcloud.com/purple-stuff accompanied by Kyle Schweizer on the sax.
Wild attire is suggested, but not required!!


  • Aaron Hurvitz
  • Ellen Glynn
  • Fermin Mendoza
  • Dorian R. Monsalve
  • Vera Vixeness
  • Miguel Cardenas
  • Stephen McKenzie
  • Jack Halpin
  • Kennyray Scallon
  • Craig Johnson II
  • Christine Johanns
  • Sam Pullin
  • Norman Kirby
  • John Basante
  • Olivia Wilber

Curated by Speakeasy Studios


Hudson Artists of New Jersey Retrospective:
Looking Forward – 61 Years of Art


Celebrate the 61st birthday of Hudson Artists of New Jersey.
Hudson Artists of New Jersey will be showing the works of distinguished artists.
This birthday party for Hudson Artists is the summer art event that you won’t want to miss!

All artwork is for sale. Fill your life with art!

Curated by James Francis
Thursday, August 7  2014 – Opening Reception 6:00 – 8:30PM


Red White Blue and Black

red white blue and black.300

Red White Blue and Black. Vermillion and French ultramarine have their moments, but in this show, we celebrate our independence from color. We desaturate colors down to the essential as artists express their aesthetic vision in monochrome.
Mostly monochrome. Completely fabulous.


Curated by popzero. Assistant curator, poet James Francis
Thursday, July 10  2014 – reception 6:30 – 9:30PM+



deflection invite.300

DEFLECTION” /diˈflekSHən/ is an art exhibit conveying the unique visual and intellectual angles of these two contemporary, neo-pop artists, in a body of work that is beautiful and color strong, exciting and thought provocateur, sensory innovative and most of all, it’s a profound insight into the human’s exquisite ability to deflect and bend the waves to adapt and evolve in our times

New Works by Maurizio Zuluaga & Martin Abrahams.
Curated by Diana Cordoba.
May 17th, 2014 – reception 6 – 10PM


First Friday Figure & Landscape Show


April 4, 2014 – reception 6 – 9PM

Realist painting ranging from work that is more painterly than to that which is more tightly rendered. Curated by Scott Lawson.


  • Dave Czupryna
  • Scott Lawson
  • Christopher Lopresti
  • Doug Madill
  • Keith Patton


Broad Views


March 7, 2014. Closing March 29th

GALLERY 58 presents “Broad Views: Landscape photography in 2014.” Steve Gold and John Crittenden co-curate a group show reflecting the broadest definitions of “landscape.” Today’s photographers are influenced not only by classic images that are everywhere around us but also by the eternal challenge to make the world visible in new ways.


  • John Besante
  • John Crittenden
  • Steven Gold
  • Stephanie Guillen
  • Evan Joseph
  • Eric Linton
  • Amy Neufeld
  • Jessica Siemens


Art Hump


February 7, 2014. Closing party February 23, 1 to 4PM

We all have the hump of February to get over before we can even start looking for signs of spring, so come thaw and mingle at 58 Gallery in Downtown Jersey City this coming Friday evening.
Works by more than 30 members of Jersey City’s vibrant arts community — and some artists from beyond its borders — are being installed in this newly reactivated landmark gallery in advance of Friday’s opening. Curators Steve Gold and John Crittenden are aiming to make ART HUMP one of the year’s most memorable art shows.
Join us Friday evening, or during February’s three remaining Saturday and Sunday afternoons, and open yourself to these artists’ creative visions. You won’t be the same person when you walk out the door.


  • John Besante
  • Bojana Coklyat
  • Kristin J. DeAngelis
  • Darin Defield
  • Sarah Fattori
  • Olga Guerra
  • Stephanie Guillen
  • Daniel Guzman
  • Kate Hoos
  • Christine Johanns
  • Caridad Kennedy
  • Jim Legge
  • Tatiana Lopez
  • Beth Lucas
  • Jerry Luciani
  • Brian McCormack
  • Julie McHargue
  • Meghan McKee
  • Janet Merrell
  • Dorian Monsalve
  • Stephanie Riggi
  • Vincent Salvati
  • Jessica Siemens
  • Joan Sonnenfeld
  • Nathan Jalani Taylor
  • Viviana Torres
  • Marianne Trent
  • Daniel Vasquez
  • Sarah Veloso



Flawed Beings
January 2014

“Humans suck. Their narcissism knows no bounds, their moral sense is hazy at best, their physical prowess is a joke, and to top it all off, they’re all paradoxically too stupid to handle their vast intelligence.” – unknown

And despite all of that, they create such beauty.


  • Jimmie Arroyo
  • Sofia Bachvarova
  • Diana Corvelle
  • Michael Meadors
  • Isaac Pelepko

Curated by Joe Velez

BITESIZE – A Small Works Group Show

December 7th, 2013 to January 4th, 2014
Opening reception: Saturday, December 7th 5pm – 10pm
Open Dec. 6th for JC Fridays


An exhibition of affordable paintings, sculpture and drawings.

Artists include: Thomas John Carlson, Isaac Pelepko, Dina Brodsky, Robert Zeller, Lenny Correa, Luca Cusolito, Michael Meadors, Robert Piersanti, Lyndsea Cochrane Cherkasky, Sofia Bachvarova, Matthew Ravens, Margaret R Clinton, Daniel Maidman, Ekaterina Kardonova, Joseph Ventura, Liz Adams-Jones, and Änka Lavrin.

Island Girls: The Female Figurative
October 13th to November 9th 2012
Part of the 2012 JC Artist Studio Tour


Opening reception at the Gallery at 58 Coles st in Jersey City. The figurative form will be prominently on display as suggested by Gallery owner John Besante.

John has derived inspiration from his frequent stays in Jamaica, where he has constructed an artists Colony on the site of what was a chocolate farm.

Participating artists include:

  • Lissane lake
  • Vincent Zambrano
  • Monique Sarfity
  • Anna Ryabtsov
  • Jennifer Watson
  • Kasey Balla
  • Amanda Mathews
  • Zofia Bogusz
  • Angelica Munoz
  • Grace Marquinhos